Oct 1

I felt this one deserved a blog post.
Im not lying. Its twenty four years coming.

Back in May, I got my hands on my very first surfboard.
Back when I was 11 years old, I headed into Tralee on the bus and I picked up the board on the right for myself and thats where it all began.

I think at the time I paid £20 for it, and to a eleven year old, 24 years ago, that was a whole lotta money.

Needless to say, as my first, she’s always stuck in my mind. So back in May, I was looking at it after digging it out so it could be Sofia’s first board this summer, I got a little inspired by the shape and all the memories, so here is a new shape, heavily inspired by the one that started it all.

Being what it was, this one was always going to be special to me, so I thought I would go all out with the design on it :)

The pictures really dont do any justice to how the colors shimmer and move under the glass.

Everyone needs a little bling in their lives :)

Feb 5

Hey Al,
Just back from Fuerteventura. Put the board to the test in lots of conditions, onshore, side off and the waves where, head high and bigger. Board was sweet! Love it.
Amazing thing I noticed straight away was the acceleration through the turn was great. So much hold.
Had it on thruster set up most of the time but I did throw on the quad for the onshore conditions which worked great and gave me extra speed so I could ignore the kite much more as if it was down the line conditions.

I Had one day of cross offshore winds that allowed me to surf the wave fully. Set up, drop, bottom turn and come hard off the top with a ittle slide and it kicked back in every time ready for more. When its like this you have more time to look down the line and you can also feel the board surfing as you would without the kite. The scooped deck
felt great really sticking to your front foot. You can really feel the board twitching underneath.

I have also had it out at home in jumping conditions trying some tricks and its so light that when you pop off the wave she just goes straight up in the air.

Anyway hope this review is some help to you. Thanks again for an amazing board man 10/10 for shizzle my nizzle.

Talk soon


Nothing like a good review to make it all seem worth it on a cold windy day in Feburary. Thanks for taking the time Kenny and really stoked its going to well for you.

Feb 4

Hi Al

I’m finally getting around to sending you this. So here’s my thoughts on the board – feel free to post this on your site or anything you like if it helps.

So the first time I took it out I must say I struggled to adjust from the thicker, heavier and longer boards I’ve been on for the last few years. Also the waves at Lxxxxxxx were fairly heavy and crowded so that made it a bit of a challenge. So I headed down the road to Exxxx xxxx which was mellower and uncrowded and had a great sesh. I noticed straight away how it flexes back and releases energy when you pop up, pump or turn – never felt anything like it from another board. Took a few waves to get used to it on the take off in particular but once I got the hang of it I loved it as it gives so much speed as you pop up. Caught a few nice waves and headed home stoked.

Next chance I had to surf was a couple of weeks later when I took it out in shoulder high waves at an empty spot I like near Lxxxxxxx. Straight away I felt really stable on the board and was able to enjoy the speed, lightness and the way it turns. Having been on the longer single fin boards for so long turning was effortless and snappy. Paddling into waves was surprisingly easy given how short and light the board is. The board keeps surprising me, from the speed of take off to how it flies down the line and there’s so many ways to turn – you can draw out big carving turns while gaining speed, or you can pivot super fast with a barely a flick of the hips. Also love the 5 fin set up – I’ve been surfing it quad so far as that is a new experience for me but I know the thruster set up will be great too. I came home super stoked and can’t wait to get back out again.

We’re planning a holiday in Portugal this summer and I’ll be taking the Rocket (or “Stoker” as my mate has Christened it) with me as my only board as it’ll be perfect for those small summer waves.

Basically Alan, I love the board! I’ll be back for more.

All the best,


Cant ask for more then that off any one (except a few pics of you on it now Jamie :) )
Thanks for taking the time to send it to me

Feb 2

The last few months Iv been trying to make a effort to update my facebook a bit but that has came at the expense of my blog, so here is a test I had up on fb a few weeks back. The look on peoples faces when they see this is always priceless :)

AOR Surfboard Flex Test

Iv a few photos of of a few recent boards and a couple of reviews from a couple of stoked customers that Il fire up in the next few days too.

Aug 14

Well one more fish at least :)

I know she’s been surfed once and early indications are good. Iv been promised a full review soon….

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